Recreational Marijuana: Legal or Illegal

From the last few decades it has been observed that drugs addiction rate is growing higher and higher. The responsible authorities are partially responsible for this as they are not spreading awareness or taking serious actions on drugs consumption. Among these “marijuana” a kind of drug gained much popularity among the people and is now highly consumed drug not in Europe but in Asia too. This virus does not leave United States too as reports provided by CNN stated that “one in eight United States adults smoke marijuana”. According to statistical reports it was estimated that people of US spends $53 million on marijuana. One more resource that is US drug enforcement Administration stated that criminals who are arrested for committing crimes test positive for marijuana. Nationwide around 45% youth is consuming marijuana. According to US drug administration “40% young males tested positive when are arrested”. The stats and reports show that marijuana is spreading in the youth very rapidly. For which certain steps were expected to be taken against it.

Latest News: “Recreational marijuana will be legal”

After the victory of “Donald Trump” in the presidentential election of US in 2016, the authorities were expecting from Trump to take some serious action on it. In this regard from January 2017 it is been rumored that “marijuana is becoming legal” is United Stated. According to NBS news reports were also presented in which it was stated that “recreational marijuana will be legal” in US to make the drug market low and business market high. As it is calculated that if marijuana is total banned from the country then investors will face some serious setbacks. So in order to consume the yearly marijuana it is appositive way to use it in “recreational” way. In several polls around 60% people in United States were in a favor of “legalizing the recreational marijuana”. It was also reported that around eight big states and law holders are in total favor of legalizing it. According to rough statistics it is estimated that in 2017 the recreational marijuana industry has 2970 medical dispensaries and 3980 retailers across the country which helped growing the market in a decent way. There are also some obstacles in legalizing the recreational marijuana in the country. Some are discussed below:

Is recreational marijuana will be available freely at any store in US? :

As some of the scientific researches have demonstrated that marijuana is somewhere can be used for medical purpose but it is still a mystery that it will be available in the market freely or not. The question has different answers from different authorities because under the federal law marijuana is considered as “Schedule I drug” which consists of high quantity of heroin and ecstasy. State medical cannabis programs are still hoping that recreational marijuana will be legal in the country.

The trump verdict:

As it is noticed that Trump does not say much about it but in one session with reporters in Jan 2017, in a very casual way, he answered about legalization of recreational marijuana that it is a matter of local states person what they decide will be enforced in the country. According to his word it is still not clear that marijuana will be banned or not.

Legalized states are looking for help from Federal:

As it is obvious from federal that recreational marijuana will not be accepted until and unless it is presented with some restrictions but the states that have legalized it are looking towards federal to legalize it as if the decision were against them then it would be huge setback for them economically.

Trump cabinet plans:

From the last few months when this rumor spreaded that recreational marijuana will be legal it was expected that Trump cabinet and administration will take immediate steps but nothing major happens. Representatives does not satisfying about legalization and it is still a mystery.