The 5 Best Youtube and Instagram Fitness Gurus to Follow in 2020

Who should you be following in the world of fitness this year? You can follow anyone you like but these are my top five picks;

YouTube – Magnus Midtbo.

Magnus is an amazing bouldering hobbyist and former professional climber. Ropeless climbing aka ‘bouldering’ is taking the world by storm. It’s a great all-body workout if you add some pushups to your training sessions. Imagine if your gym days made you more effective at moving in real lifeā€¦ Magnus is exciting to watch, great at video editing (so you won’t have to deal with poor quality content), and a sweetheart. Aside from being a world-renowned climber, Mr. Midtbo also part-owns two bouldering gyms so you know he knows what he’s talking about. The man is sponsored by SCARPA!

Reasons to follow include: Motivation, informative content, exciting content.

Instagram/ YouTube – MoveU.

MoveU needs to be on your feed for one reason alone, this profile pumps out so much free-but-incredibly-valuable content. This is all clever marketing to get you to sign up for a program but what you get for free is so valuable that it’s worth tapping follow whether or not you sign up. MoveU is aimed at helping you fight chronic pain and poor movement patterns. The videos are short and informative. An average video is 60 seconds. You’ll see a supple body, with muscles painted over the skin, go through a series of movements in a few different ways. Like having an epiphany, you’ll understand the difference between ‘good movement’ and ‘poor movement’.

Reasons to follow include; Informative content, comedic explanations.

Instagram – alyrauff.

Aly is a yogi. She’s not the kind who makes you think, “I’ll never be able to do that!”, though. She’s a real woman and is very easy to relate to as you like her pictures. While her following is still relatively small, Aly makes my list because of the copy and captions added to every post. You’ll find paragraphs of self-awareness, motivation and unconditional positive regard. Being part of her community must be amazing, you should make her part of yours online.

Reasons to follow include; Motivation, informative content, positivity.

Everything – David Goggins.

Mr.Goggins has been dubbed, “The world’s toughest man”, and he has the track record to prove it. You have only to go to his Instagram where you can see a saved story of a 250-mile run. What human can do that? David Goggins can! You’ll find regular videos of Goggins working hard enough to make the viewer sweat while talking in even breaths about ‘putting in the work’ and having an ‘iron mindset’. The man can hold a conversation while doing burpees and sound like he’s relaxing on a sofa! 5 minutes of watching workout videos and you’ll be motivated.

Reasons to follow include; MOTIVATION!

Instagram – Julia_vins.

She’s often called Muscle Barbie, Julia is a 23-year-old powerlifter from Russia who holds a two-time title of World Champion. Follow her to see opinions on her top supplements, biggest training mistakes, how to gain weight and many more topics. The posts are in-depth and her comments are informative. I love the personal posts. Julia is a world champion athlete but she believes in a simple life and has made her passion for coffee real. When she isn’t competing, she’s running her own small cafe. Reasons to follow include; Motivation, informative content.

It’s key to remember that while these great social media fitness experts will help you greatly, it doesn’t hurt to get proper help in your physical area from a friend who is into fitness and can get you started or a Personal Trainer if need be. Many people suffer from a lack of motivation or depression, and sometimes need a bit of hand holding in the initial stages to get through those rough times, there is no shame in that, the important thing is to initiate and put one foot forward so you can traverse the journey to becoming a more realized human being.