The top 8 Athleisure & Activewear Products in 2021

We all tend to get slightly obsessed with fashion before, after, and during the holidays yet we almost always end up broke and bloated by the time the New Year rolls around. Throw in a spoonful of COVID and you are ready for even more fitness self-loathing! But if you are looking to achieve better health outcomes in 2021 and you are ready to put the work in, then make sure you have the right gear to support your quest for greatness! After all, who wants to run a marathon in the snow with just sandals? Anyways, take a look:

1) Thermal Underwear for men By JoofEric

Before we put on any kind of outfit for any particular occasion what do we usually start with? Underwear of course! With running or any serious outdoor workout, you need good, warm underwear, especially for Winter! You can pick up Thermal underwear online from JoofEric featuring a fleece top and ultra-warm, wind-resistant bottoms that are perfect for just about any outdoor sport like cycling, running, jogging, etc.

2) Workout socks for men by UnderArmour

Pick up a 6 pack! No not beer silly! A 6 pack of socks for men by Underarmour will help wick away moisture and sweat, reduce odors, and give you that comfort you truly desire!

3) Workout gloves for men by UnderArmor

Yet again another Underarmour product….perfect for outdoor weather with superb anti-rain and anti-snow technology and the Tech Touch

tech in these gloves will allow you to use any of your essential communication devices (like your phone) without ever taking your gloves off!

4) Men’s sweatpants by Atlas

50% Cotton and 50% Polyester for a perfect snug fit. Fit’s Carefully under that Thermal Underwear!

5) Stretch outdoor jacket with reversible hoodie

Made for cool to cold conditions, this jacket has just the right amount of stretch capacity for that perfect outdoor workout!

6) Men’s moisture wicking t’s by 7mesh

7mesh originally started near Vancouver, BC and it was made originally for outdoor cycling through thick wooden forests. Why is this important? Because you need a product that can withstand a rugged workout with a lot of sweat! Perfect for your summertime workout!

7) Grip6 men’s belt’s

We often associate Belt’s with formal ware and if you would rather NOT work out with a belt then we SOLUTE you. But your future life partner may disagree with you. Belt buckles often dig into your body though and are super uncomfortable! GRIP6 belts are designed to keep you active and actively support your fitness while being super comfy at the same time.

8) Dreamswear Sleeveless hoodies

You can visit to see some of their sleeveless hoodies and excellent exercise apparel depending on your type of workout and weather conditions (and don’t forget about hairstyle) these may just be ideal! Heat and Sweat come from many different places!