3 Top Health Concerns For 2020

With all that’s going on in the world today, health concerns are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Here are three of the most pressing concerns when it comes to modern-day health care.

Coronavirus and Covid-19

Unless you’re living off the grid, you’ll find the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic a great concern, more so the Coronavirus Covid-19 disease which is what leads to most of the fatalities. With its rapid spread across the globe and the hard impact it’s having on businesses and households, the coronavirus pandemic is the number one concern in 2020, especially since there is currently no vaccine for the virus and the earliest it’s expected to arrive is in Summer 2021.

The virus is spread through air droplets when in close proximity to individuals infected with the disease and is transferred through coughing or sneezing, or it can be contracted through touching surfaces contaminated with the SARS-COV-2 strain. Contaminated air droplets survive in the atmosphere for up to three hours and on surfaces for up to three days.

Mental Health

Mental health is the second most health concern in 2020, especially with the arrival of the coronavirus. Since peoples’ financial affairs are being impacted and with the unusual method of social isolation has come into play, mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, and suicide are on the rise. Additionally, business owners are going to be feeling the biggest impact due to the danger government-imposed lockdowns pose to business continuity and finances. With so many businesses forced to close and employees laid off or moved onto forced leave, mental health concerns are sure to rise to an all-time high.

The future of the world is none too certain right now, nor is the state of the expected aftermath, and this is playing on a lot of people’s minds leading to anxiety and once anxiety and depression cause inflammation of neurons due to severe and prolonged stress, physical ailments occur. This is going to create more pressure for medical professionals who are already at breaking point with the increase of demand dealing with the virus.

Health Care Access

Health care services are stretched to breaking point and that’s even after doctors on leave or transfer have been called back, all due to the coronavirus. Medical equipment is already depleting due to the coronavirus and it has recently broken that Italian hospitals are hooking two to three patients up to a single ventilator to cover the deficit in available life-saving equipment. This alone highlights how difficult it is for people to access health care during the pandemic and that’s just for the coronavirus.

Cancer patients who require chemotherapy or people waiting for operations are facing increased delays for treatment since frontline medical staff are being infected with the virus or have been taken from these roles to replace absent medical staff in their battle with treating and containing the outbreak. Health care access is going to be increasingly difficult in the future, especially with the rapid spread of Covid-19.